Irriterad, förbannad, upprörd

usch usch usch! tycker inte om detta allt, irriterad för att man inte får rätt information från början, sen blir man utpressad, sen blir man "hat objektet" för att man säger vad man tycker...irriterad förbannad och upprörd! att folk inte kan säga vad de tycker och sen ta ett beslut om det!!!!!! fegisar!

time management!

Ok denna vecka kommer att bli galet mycket att göra! ska hämtas bil, planera hostel för 8 personer, packa, få färdigt alla assignments och typ hinna äta och kanske träna emellan! kommer bli tufft men definitivt värt det i slutändan! Idag blir det plugg så det ryker om det, imon ska första bilen hämtas i hamilton, jag och Harold tar bussen dit på morgonen. ska bli spännande att se hur allt funkar! förhoppningsvis se lite av staden med. Idag var jag uppe med tuppen, kl 6 och ut på morgon promenad och sedan till bibblan. nu sitter jag här och har 3 assignments att välja mellan och ingen aning vart jag ska börja...eller jo det har jag men det är det tråkigaste så tar lite längre tid att komma över barriären... har i alla fall fixat csn äntligen ( med lite hjälp av mor) så bör få pengarna på torsdag senast tack o lov!
här är lite bilder från när vi var i grottan (black water rafting) i lördags, superhäftigt, var 65 meter under jorden!

Sky diving!

Guess NZ is the country to try everything so now i have tried sky diving! Was such a good experience! totally scary but totally worth it! Pictures will follow!
Its crazy how fast time goes! its less than 2 weeks until our break, until we are ready to go to the south island for 2 weeks full of adventures! We have planned a lot now and onthursday me and Paul is going to have an meeting with the PR person on Air NZ to decide the last details. Getting really excited now!! have a really good plan and tomorrow im booking hostels for wellington and for Te Anue or however its spelled, close to Milford Sounds anyhow. Been a good day today, me and Carro managed to do more work than we realized and think we can almost say that were done with the assignment for HRM, NICE! finished the CIM ( current issues in management) paper today too with a powerpoint and everything so basically finished a course today!! happy happy! and now just started another paper in Advanced Sales Management, not too sure about that one, think it might be hard..but have a week to do it.
then when we get back after 2 amazing weeks we only have 2 weeks of schooland then im meeting sandra, Karin, mormor och morfar and then straight to Fiji and more adventures..crazy times! time to speed the school work up so i can enjoy more later!! saknar hemma lite, ska bli skönt att få komma hem ganska snart i alla fall:)



Today is such day, I miss Félix, so  much! I want to be next to him right now. Don’t even have to say a word, just want to be close and feel his arms around me.  I love you so much.

Rugby opening night

So to do a late update about the Rugby world cup opening in Auckland among some other things...Was a crazy night in Auckland city when the opening happend. not really sure if i liked it as it was 200 000 people crammed in a tiny surface in the harbor, but the fire works was nice, and it was nice to do something different, we were so lucky going home as we ran for a bus and just made it. But here is some pictures!
Other than that im just working on to get my papers done in time, so far i think Im doing ok. Me and carro had a really nice day yesterday, with brunch out, some studying even though we where hung over, some shopping at st lukes, i desperately needed socks but ended up getting a dress, leggins, bikini (only 12 dollars) and a cardigan, which was really me according to Carro so just kinda had to:) but itwas really cheap only paid 83 dollars for everything:) bargain. then we had sushi before biking home. spend the night with my roomie Tess watching the rugby game between Japan and NZ. Japan got crushed....7-83 opps but was a fun game to watch and was really nice staying in. now im just waiting for felix to get online so we can skype before doing the weakly shopping with the shuttle to pac'n save:)
beginning of the night...still shit loads of ppl
adding to the Fun:)

feels like a long time

feels like it was ages ago since i wrote anything, as usual. I do blame the internet for it, because it much easier to blog from your bed than in the library. here you are forced to work with many stops to check facebook, just because something fun might have happened. anyhow i managed to do 2000 words for one of my assignment (no not all words at one day) but at least im almost 1/3 done. one course with only one paper to hand in is a lot of pressure, have to pass have to pass its just as simple as that. its now 7 and dark outside and im going home to do some chilli cone carne, think its going to become standard here. but its so good, easy and last for at least 4 meals! thats a student deal!
this coming friday is going to be a big friday! the Rugby world cup kicks off! they have promised us the largest firework ever and lots of ppl going to be down town! going to be fun. who knows if were going to hit the clubs after, not too sure..a lot of ppl means a lot of trouble, but o well what happens happens.
just a short update of my now quite boring life for a couple of days. lots to study and starting to go back to good habits and gym so im liking it.
lots of love to you all!

mer bilder

Mission Beach
view Over auckland city
Hot water beach
Some where on the way to hot water beach
Bay of islands
Bay of islands
Hole in the rock, bay of islands
Bay of islands from Pahia
muddpools,  all natrual
whiapu i think it was called
Just before we try the only roller coster powered by yourself, hard work phuuhh
Natural hot water springs
On our way up after luge:) a little car you drive down the mountain! good fun!

Two amazing weeks!



Sorry I haven’t updated the blog for a long while, been to busy exploring new things and spending time with Félix. We had two great weeks! Cannot really think of any way it could have been better. We have seen so much, done so much and enjoyed every part of it. First couple of days we spend in Auckland discovering what it had to offer, we went to Devonport which is just across the center of the city with a ferry, climbed the  volcano and enjoyed a beautiful view. Then it was time for the Rotorua weekend, where we did water rafting down a spectacular river, learned some about the mauri culture, drove the luge down the hill, watched the mud boil from natural causes and had some awesome parties. Then it was time to see some of the north island on our own, so we rented a car for 3 days and first went north to the beautiful bay of island to do the hole in the rock tour, see some dolphins, whales and seals on the way along with an amazing scenery. And for the first time drove on the left hand side, thank god for automatic gears! Then we went south to the hot water beach, where you basically could dig our own pool in the sand, unfortunately we missed the tide but it was a beautiful drive and the beach was nice even without the bath. Thursday was school day, had to do a presentation. But we managed to climb up the highest spot in Auckland to take some pictures, this spot is also an volcano, really cool one. Considering that Auckland is built on a minefield of volcanoes you should pay them some respect.  The evening ended up with a few drinks in apartment 40 as always. Friday was the 26th and also our 6 months day. So we celebrated that with having a wonderful stroll at Mission bay beach to later enjoy a yummy dinner at the top of the sky tower companied by the views of Auckland city at dark. Saturday we didn’t really do that much, packing had to be done and we decided to stay at a hotel close to the airport to not have to bother with that on Sunday morning. Which was a really good decision as it was a really nice hotel with pool, your own bath robes and slippers and a nice breakfast buffetJ


Saying good bye is never easy and especially not after 2 wonderful weeks. But when we got through these coming 4 months it will probably be the longest period apart so by really missing him right now I know that when I finally get to see him again it will prob never be as long ever again. But it is empty right now.


Thank you for a wonderful 2 weeks hun! Love you



more pictures are to come when the internet isn't so bad!!!

7 Dagar imonbitti

I have so much to do! I don't even know where to start but i started. I am however seeing the light in the tunnel. In 7 days and one night, finally, Félix will be here:D (ska bara skriva en sisådär 20 000 ord innan....gaaahh)


So haven't really happened that much since i last updated, but one thing has happened:) We went to see the ALL BLACKS play rugby vs. Australia. What a game:) We ended up with free flags and hats and our faces painted:) it was absolutely freezing but o well, 61 000 people in the audience and suddenly it started to warm up:)
today is a lazy day, or at least a calm day, done some cleaning, some research and the gym and will continue some reading, but after its movie time:)  Monday, tuesday and wed is going to be study day so that i can be done with all of my work. because then i want 2 weeks to just enjoy with Félix! its only a week and a bit away:)

less than 2 weeks!

I cannot wait!!

Maori, Bike ride and Våfflor

so today i have had a really busy but good day! got welcomed into the New Zealand traditional culture, maori. we spent 3 hour in their beautiful building, and got to know the story behind auckland, and the tribes. Then I went back the the apartment after a disappointing non existing bbq, twice in a row now so hopefully they will have some tomorrow! Then it was time to go into town so i had made my mind up to take my new bike, so an adventure. And yes it was an adventure, the chain jumped once and then my gears stopped working, but o well i made it there and i met Helena and we had wonderful waffles:) then we got the most amazing cookies so i brought some home and now we just finished them:) so maybe it was  a good thing i biked...but i did go to the gym as well! so all in all a busy but very good day:)
im also uploading some pictures of my back garden and on some fika that me, carro and elin had this sunday:)


so finally an update on nz. so far everything is good, i really enjoy meeting all the new ppl and im having a lot of fun. think i ended up in a really good apartment. living with one kiwi, one chinese and one mexican. this friday we went out on an organized bus tour to see the city which was a lot of fun! had the biggest portion of fish & chips i ever had, climbed two volcanos, saw mission bay (popular beach in the summer) and got to see some parts of the city:) really really enjoyed it. and then it was time for a free bbq with free beer and other drinks and followed by that was a great party at campus. and yesterday we went out as well, but then to down town! which was fun just a bit too many ppl at the end. so all in all a good time so far!:) now its time for breakfast then im getting my bike!!:)

Getting sorted in Auckland, UNITEC

So finally some update on what im up to in Auckland, at UNITEC campus. I now live in apartment 38C which is on the third floor at the far end. I like my apartment, its not top notch but who would have thought soo, right? but i have a desk, a wardrobe, a mirror and a king size single bed. started to put some stuff on the walls and want to print out some pictures as soon as the rest get sorted! for me to feel settled all im missing now is a good internet connection. but im going to fix it next week! I really like the ppl i got to know, yesterday i met a few swedish ppl which i think i'll hang out with, but its just the right amount, were 5 so we cant create our own group so to speak, because i like seeing others from other countries.
tomorrow were going on a bus tour to explore auckland and i really cannot wait:) hoping for good weather so i get to see the city from its best side:)
anyhow thats it for now:) i'll put some pictures up soon when i have better internet!!!
take care! also the best saying for today!
story behind the saying is that they live on the first floor with all the ppl walking by, looking in..
"it is as if we live in a fish tank"
"it feels like im a monkey at a zoo"


I know im a bit late in updating. Been to Montreal and back and are now sitting outside the accommodation office at UNITEC, Auckland,NZ. The best internet is here! I don have internet in the apartment but not really working if you want to do skype or watch a clip or so. Its a beautiful morning and its only 8 a clock here. apparently there is a lot of rain at this time in NZ so i've been lucky so far not to get it. But this is not going to be about Auckland yet. I need to tell you about Montreal first, where i spent an amazing week! It could not have been better! Me and Félix had such a great week, justchilled at the pool, went to Ottawa, saw his wonderful family and friend, drove a "seadoo" almost like a skidoo (guessing its 2 o) and managed to throw both of us of when I was driving hehe:) ottawa was wonderful, a really pretty city with lots of green spots and a beautiful House of Parliament. Really wish i could have stayed longer! But as the best surprise i could ever get he booked his tickets to come and visit me here! I really cannot wait for him to get here! Haven't met all of my roommates yet, only one girl from china and she seams really nice, Josephine i think the name was. I was also lucky enough to meet the people living under me as they drove me to do some needed food shopping and get my sheets and blankets ect. so got my yogurt in the fridge and cereal:) haha
but so far im happy and i think it can only get better!

I loved every moment of Montréal!

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